AccelWater: 2nd Project Coordination Meeting

The 2nd Project Coordination Meeting of the AccelWater project was held on July 8th 2021. It was organized by AGENSO and took place online using the Microsoft Teams platform, due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

All Work Package Leaders participated, as well as the majority of the consortium members. According to the agenda, after a welcome and brief overview of the project's progress from the Project Coordinator, each WPL presented the progress of their WP so far, while mentioning the activities (if any) that have been pushed back or that are not possible to be completed due to the pandemic.

Each WP presentation, was followed by a discussion among the consortium members, as well as a Q&A section.

Closing the meeting, there was a discussion about the next steps of the project, how the pandemic could affect these and what could be done from the partners.

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