AccelWater: Meeting for the Industrial Symbiosis Demonstrator

A meeting of all partners from WP 3 took place at the Industrial Area of Patras on June 16th 2021.

The partners were guided to the biological treatment installations of FrieslandCampinaHellas and Athenian Brewery, as well as the facilities of Rezos Brands, where the Tasks described in WP 3 will be implemented.

More specifically, the actions described in the WP 3 Tasks include an upgrade to the existing treatment facility of AB by using member ultrafiltration, an upgrade to the existing treatment facility of FCH by using using member ultrafiltration and UV disinfection and the development of a rainwater harvesting system at the roof or REZOS.

A detailed discussion followed afterwards at the premises of the REZOS R&D Department, where Greek partners discussed extensively about their course of actions regarding the Industrial Symbiosis Demonstrator.

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