AccelWater publication at OAG journal

Just recently, a profile piece for AccelWater that we wrote for the Open Acces Government October 2023 issue was published. The profile can be found in pages 392-393, under the “Environment” section and describes how the AccelWater project is optimising freshwater consumption in the food and beverage industry to reduce its environmental impact.

Open Access Government is an open access journal, meaning that all content is freely available without charge. It is a digital publication that provides an in-depth perspective on key public policy areas from all around the world, including health and social care, COVID-19, research and innovation, technology, government, environment and energy. It is distributed digitally quarterly to over 248,000 Government Academic and Funding individuals, including 18,000 Japanese contacts and 76,000 North America Contacts. This means that the project can be disseminated on a global basis.

You can click here directly, while the complete issue can be found here.

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