AgEnergy platform has been officially launched

Our brand-new platform is now available.

AGENSO has developed the AgEnergy platform (, a freely accessible repository for all stakeholders involved in the agricultural production, in the framework of AgroFossilFree EU H2020 project. It contains Fossil Energy Free Technologies and Strategies (FEFTS), structured in 5 distinct information categories (Scientific papers, Research projects, Commercial technologies, Training material, and Financing mechanisms) about Clean Energy Supply (production and storage), Energy efficiency and Soil Carbon Sequestration.

This online tool is functional in 8 different European languages (English, Greek, Polish, Spanish, Italian, German, Danish, and Dutch), and provides numerous filtering abilities for customized FEFTS search for open-field agriculture, greenhouses, and livestock. A total of 839 FEFTS are available in the AgEnergy platform, while users can register and contribute in the platform’s content by adding new FEFTS.

Become part of the AgroFossilFree community, discover the AgEnergy platform and a part of AgroFossilFree network!

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