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AGENSO at the closing event of the European Year of Skills

Last week AGENSO participated at the closing event of the European Year Of Skills of the EU Employment & Skills by the European commission, which took place at Brussels, Belgium and online, with more than 1.000 participants.

As the European Year Of Skills came to an end, a spotlight session was dedicated to the Pact For Skills initiative for the re-skill and up-skill of employers and employees.
AGENSO has been registered in the Pact For Skills with the ultimate aim to contribute in tackling the skills’ gap across Europe, and reached the significant milestone of the 2.500 member of the Pact.

But “What Comes Next?” after the end of this year concerning the skills community? Probably, this marks a beginning of a “decade” for skills.
You can read more here. Moreover, the web streaming of the event is accessible here.
It is worth mentioning that a pivotal role in implementing the European Year of Skills across Europe, had the 50 National Coordinators from 38 countries.

The celebration of the event enabled fertile dialogue and collaboration for further action.
It has been an excellent opportunity to meet people embracing common aspirations, interests, passion, and devotion to human up-skill under an inclusive framework, especially regarding digital technologies about the environment with an emphasis on SMEs that constitute a cornerstone of the EU economy.

We had the chance to exchange views, thoughts, and discuss on pathways for a sustainable lifelong learning approach towards a fair green and digital transition.
Hopefully, many more to come in the upcoming period!

Pact for Skills - European Year of Skills - AGENSO


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