Pact for Skills Leader

AGENSO is the 2500 member of the European Commission’s Pact for Skills

AGENSO has recently joined the European Commission’s Pact for Skills as the 2500th member!

For this milestone, AGENSO will receive a certification award in the closing event of the European Year of Skills.

The event will be held at 30/4/2024 at THE EGG, Brussels, Belgium and will be also made available online.

You can register in the following link:

Pact for Skills is one of the flagship actions of the European Skills Agenda, and aims to promote a culture of lifelong learning for upskill and reskill of staff under the framework of gender equality, equal opportunities, strong skills partnerships’ building, and working against discrimination.

AGENSO embraces the culture of Pact for Skills and highlights its commitment in achieving sustainable green and digital transitions for a thriving future.

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