AGENSO joined WssTP

AGENSO proudly announces that is an official member of the WssTP platform since 09/11/2018.

WssTP is the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform which was confirmed as one of the best performing European Technology Platforms (ETPs) in line with the ETP2020 strategy and has partners all around Europe. WssTP aim is the sustainable management and development of the European water sector, by providing safe, clean and affordable water services, without taking advantage of the environment.

Europe is changing tremendously, due to increasing population, globalization and urbanization so water needs increase rapidly. As a consequence, water is regarded as a vital aspect for Europe and water treatment becomes very important throughout the years. To avoid water fragmentation the WssTP offers innovative and integrated solutions in research and technology while it obtains growth and competitiveness on the water sector. It enables the cooperation of all actors such us universities, industrial and agricultural water users and also the supply chain and SMEs.

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