AGENSO reaches new… heights!

A new, fully autonomous weather station manufactured by AGENSO, was installed at the top of Mount Parnassos (Liakoura Peak at 2,457m). The station was mostly sponsored by residents of Amfikleia, with a smaller percentage of residents from Agoriani and Arachova, while its installation and supervision have been undertaken by Ioannis Kampaxis, Phedonas Moros and Theodoros Kioulos.

This innovative system is characterized by easiness, adaptability and precision as it’s small-sized and waterproof, sending data via mobile telephony (2G, 4G) and designed to withstand harsh conditions such as those of a mountain, while it can remain energy autonomous with the use of the included photovoltaic panel.

These weather stations are user-friendly, easy to install and can be put into operation with the push of a button (designed as plug & play) and are part of the integrated solutions developed by AGENSO.

Through the following link, the station’s data (such as temperature, humidity, speed and wind direction, precipitation, etc.) are freely accessible for researchers, professionals and people with a particular interest in meteorological data.

MeteoIoT link


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