Artistic participation in the Repairing the Present program in collaboration with AGENSO

As part of the Repairing the Present program, Onassis Stegi supports the artistic group HYPERCOMF, whose project was selected for Challenge no 6: Smart Agriculture.

The HYPERCOMF is a multidisciplinary conceptual design art identity that explores the relationship between nature and culture. On the occasion of challenge no. 6 of the S + T + ARTS initiative and the Repairing the Present program, HYPERCOMF presents the introduction of rural areas to standards of sustainability and prosperity through the use of technology, with the project “Peanut Pod and the Film Seed Festival”.

All project equipment at the level of IoT technologies in precision agriculture, as well as technical support is provided by AGENSO. For more information about the program, the artistic group and the aforementioned Project can be found at the following links:

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