Distance from Home

Distance from Home – GPS distance measuring

Distance from Home is a tool that calculates the actual distance from a defined location in relation to your current position using the embedded GPS sensor of your mobile device. It can be successfully applied in every possible situation where distance calculation between points is required, even now for Covid-19 crisis. Distance is graphically visualized on a map through a line connecting the starting point with the current location of your mobile device. Additionally, the distance is also presented in numeric form, where, current location is periodically retrieved while the application is used, in order to perform the appropriate calculations and project the updated distance.

All data retrieved and or calculated through the use of this application are considered private and sensitive user information, hence, no data are saved, both locally or elsewhere, and no data are transmitted and/or shared with any server. Internet access is only required to load and visualize google maps.

The application is available on Google Play store.


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