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ERA-NET project FarmSustainaBl has started

FarmSustainaBl is a European Union ERA-NET project aiming to enable smart livestock farming technologies for environmental sustainability using blockchain. AGENSO participates in this ERA-NET project with 4 more partners from 3 countries including universities and SME’s.

Main aim of the project is to apply, a holistic approach for decreasing the GHG emissions derived from intensive livestock farming by optimizing the livestock production. In order to achieve this the consortium will monitor the animal feed, behaviour and characteristics as well as the stable environment. The data will be collected and analysed by a web based platform and it will provide recommendations to the livestock farming stakeholders (farmers, consultant etc.) in order to take management decision for reducing GHG emissions.

AGENSO is the Manager and Coordinator of FarmSustainaBl project (WP1), taken into consideration the financial, administrative and technical aspects. AGENSO is also responsible for the Development of the integrated FarmSustainaBl platform for the monitoring and mitigation of GHG emissions from animal production systems (WP4). At the same time AGENSO will take an active role in the Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation of the project activities and its results(WP6).

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