H2020 project INNOSETA has started

INNOSETA is a European project concerning Innovative practices for Spraying Equipment, Training and Advising in European agriculture through the Mobilization of Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems. Financed by the Horizon 2020, AGENSO is participating in this project which involves 14 European partners such as universities, centers of research, associations of manufacturers and farmers.

The INNOSETA project’s aim is to establish a self-sustaining and innovative Thematic Network (TN) on crop protection and the sustainable use of plant protection products (spray equipment, training and advice) to help close the gap between the numerous European research projects and the use that farmers make of all this. The project promotes the exchange of new ideas and information between the industry, the university and the research centers and the agricultural community so that existing scientific and commercial solutions can be widely disseminated and applied, while identifying the needs of the sector.

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