HYDROUSA H2020 project at ANT1 TV

HYDROUSA Project was presented at the Nationwide News Broadcast of ANT1!

Project partners talked about HYDROUSA and the actions, the project’s progress and the impact that it will have to the Aegean islands and the problem of water scarcity.

Mr. Tasos Vidalis (Municipality of Tinos) mentioned that: “Through HYDROUSA we aspire to give a practical, workable and functional system for everyone and for every use.” Mr. Antonis Eleftheriou (Ntelaros Mykonos) underlined that: “Water recovery and rainwater harvesting will lead to higher production as well as resource and energy savings.”

Also Tinos Eco Lodge, an eco-friendly tourist destination that participates in the project, was presented and Mr. Nicolas Bedau owner of Eco Lodge presented the systems that are developed and the way that Tinos Eco Lodge contributes to HYDROUSA project.

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