HYDROUSA consortium

HYDROUSA kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of Hydrousa project was held with great success at 12-13/07/2018 in Lavrion, Greece organized from NTUA (National Technical University of Athens). In total 86 participants from the 27 project partners joined the meeting in which the objectives were:

  • The introduction of HYDROUSA partners
  • The presentation and discussion of work packages (WPs) and tasks
  • The project management plan, reporting obligations, data management plan, next meetings, financial reporting; internal communication means
  • The steps to the successful implementation of milestones and deliverables

AGENSO as Work Package 5 (WP5) leader, presented the “Monitoring of the demonstration sites and ICT integration” WP which main aim is the integration of smart sensors to Hydrousa demo units and the development of an open source platform to monitor and control them.

For achieving the aim of the WP, AGENSO in collaboration with the rest of WP5 partners will:

  • Identify, analyse and prioritise the needs of users in demo sites
  • Use open source technologies for increased interoperability and extendibility
  • Deploy sensors and actuators and to develop HYDROUSA´s data repository
  • Design and implement high level plant monitoring systems. Implementation of tracking and tracing of the products/by-products produced from HYDROUSA systems, LCA and LCC and algorithms
  • Develop an open source monitoring and controlling platform for wider interaction

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