HYDROUSA Project Management Meeting in Cairo

The 4th Project Management Meeting for the H2020 project HYDROUSA was held in Cairo, Egypt organized by Heliopolis University and iSiS partners in the project and the entire consortium attended it. AGENSO as Work Package 5 Leader participated in it. There were presentations and specifications about:

    1. The ICT system
    2. The results of the user requirements and specifications gathered from the co-creation workshop in Tinos
    3. Current progress and forthcoming activities of HYDROUSA communication, dissemination & community building work package

The consortium discussed new ideas to amplify the messages in order to maximize the social impact. Additionally specifications about the upcoming period were determined. Also the consortium had a warm welcome from the representatives of the Italian and Greek Embassies in Egypt. AGENSO presented the progress of the package activities, the results of the user requirements questionnaires from the co-creation workshop in Tinos and the ICT system.


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