Kick-off meeting of FarmSustainaBl project

FarmSustainaBl project kick-off meeting was held on 26 February 2020 in Athens, Greece organized by AGENSO in our premises. AGENSO is leader of Work Package 1 “Project Management” and Work Package 6 “Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation”.

The entire consortium jointed the meeting, where the action plan for the upcoming period was arranged. Also the consortium discussed about several definitions, requirements, current issues and needs related to each Work Package.

FarmSustainaBl will apply a holistic approach for decreasing the GHG emissions derived from intensive livestock farming by optimizing the livestock production. In order to achieve this the animal feed, behaviour/characteristics and stable environment will be monitored. The collection and analysis of the aforementioned data will be uploaded on a web-based platform and will provide recommendations to the livestock farming stakeholders (farmers, consultants etc.). In this way stakeholders will be able to take management decisions for the reduction of GHG emissions.

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