Launch of the “AgroFossilFree” Decision Support Tool

Industry and research entities have developed new technologies and fossil-free energy strategies (FEFTS) related to more sustainable energy production and use. However, in the agricultural sector there remains a significant gap between these developments and the actual uptake and use of available tools and practices by EU farmers, especially for the large number of small and medium-sized producers with limited access to information. To tackle this issue, the EU-funded AgroFossilFree project, in which AGENSO is part of the consortium, has created the Decision Support Tool, based on Artificial Intelligence, to provide an initial ranking of the technology categories best suited for each user that visits the tool.

The tool mimics the consultation process of a series of experts as if they were evaluating and ranking the input data provided by the end user in order to propose the most interesting interventions for each farm. The Decision Support Tool allows to improve the visitor's experience by guiding them to the most suitable FEFTS for their day-to-day farming use.

To feed a growing world population, the global food system needs to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. A shift to an 'energy smart' model will safeguard the agri-food system, which is currently impacted by the high and fluctuating prices of fossil fuels and the risk that fossil fuels may not be available in the future. The goal of AgroFossilFree is to close the gap between the available FEFTS, either commercial or from applicable research results, and everyday EU agricultural practices. The results will assist in the creation of policy recommendations and the promotion of viable strategies and technologies.

Get to know more about AgroFossilFree

The AgroFossilFree project, a 3-year collaborative Coordination and Support Action (CSA) funded with 2 million € by the EU in the frame of the Horizon 2020 programme, evaluates the current status in EU agriculture regarding energy use and assess existing needs, allowing farmers to optimize agricultural production through more efficient energy use and reduced GHG emissions, resulting in economic, agronomic and environmental benefits.

For more information, follow the project on Twitter, Facebook  and LinkedIn or visit the website where you will find the AgEnergy Platform that contains all evaluated FEFTS.

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