Category Thematic network
Keywords Agriculture, energy efficiency improvement, energy production, energy storage, energy supply, fossil free energy, renewable energy sources, soil carbon sequestration
Suitable for: Agricultural consultants, agricultural support services, consumers, farmers, industry, researchers

General Information

AgEnergy Platform is a tool developed under AgroFossilFree project, an H2020 Research Programme (Grant Agreement 101000496) that compiles innovative fossil free energy farming technologies and strategies (FEFTS). AgEnergy Platform significantly contributes in closing the gap between the available novel high-end energy solutions and the everyday agricultural practices. The platform contains information of different types such as:

  • Scientific papers
  • Commercial technologies
  • Research projects
  • Training materials
  • Financing mechanisms

Users can freely access information and material for the amelioration of the agricultural practices, with specific targets to clean energy supply, energy efficiency improvement and soil carbon sequestration. Categorization of the uploaded FEFTS (with possible different solutions being software, hardware, methodologies, procedures, complete solutions) offers the ability to all end-users to search for specific energy production or storage systems that are based on distinct renewable energy sources, related to different types of energy produced and technologies used.

FEFTS for different agricultural applications, i.e., heating and cooling of agricultural constructions, lighting, agricultural field practices, vehicles, tools etc., are incorporated in the Platform’s content, aiming to provide free access to knowledge for open-field production systems, livestock and greenhouse production.

AgEnergy Platform is designed as an interactive tool, where users can also suggest fossil free energy material to be incorporated and uploaded on the platform, while the platform is available in 8 different languages (English, Greek, Danish, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, and German).


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