Category Integrated System
Keywords Full automation, ideal amount of irrigation, ideal irrigation time, precision irrigation, smart irrigation
Suitable for Farmers, research and educational institutions

General Information is an integrated smart irrigation system that aims to facilitate the producer by providing more precise application of irrigation. Through the web application, the ideal amount of irrigation is calculated based on the needs of the crop, while a set of sensors that the system has, determines the parameters of irrigation in real time, giving a solution to irrigation problems. An important advantage offered by the system is the possibility of full automation of irrigation with remote control of pumps or valves, according to time scheduling and to the needs of the crop, by using the current measurement of soil moisture or other quality characteristics of the crop.

The application of is compatible with all mobile devices (phone, tablet) and is already available in the Google Play Store, while it will soon be available in the App Store.


Irrigation optimization
Reduction of poduction cost
Cost savings
Increase production


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