Category Integrated System
Keywords Ideal spraying days, ideal spraying dose, plant protection, smart spraying, spraying drift, variable spraying rate
Suitable for Farmers of orchards and vineyards

General Information

EffiSpray is an innovative system for efficient spraying applications which helps farmers to optimize the application of Plant Protection Products (PPPs), by reducing the spread of spray drift in orchards and vineyards. With EffiSpray, the user will be able to use a variable rate spray system, which can be applied to all sprayers and can calculate the optimal spray dose for each application.

At the same time, EffiSpray has a user-friendly application for the Android operating system, from where the user can receive forecasts and tips for the upcoming weather and “spray friendly” days so that applications are made under optimal conditions. Finally, the user will be provided with a spray dose calculator for the preparation of the spray liquid and during the application, the tractor operator will be informed about the proposed speed of the tractor in real time, for better application of PPPs.


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