Category Serious Game
Keywords Digital game, interaction, serious game, smart farming technologies
Suitable for Agricultural students, farmers, public authorities, research and educational institutions

General Information

GATES is a serious educational game through which players will be able to learn about the concept of Smart Farming Technologies (SFT), their uses and the equipment available. At the same time, through the game they have the ability to apply the SFTs and use the equipment in a simulation mode, so that the players become more familiar with it. GATES is a training platform having reached a TR 7 (technology readiness) based on serious games, where through the use of a range of game technologies (3D scripts, interactive storytelling, modelling and data), it will train professionals and other stakeholders in the value chain to use SFT.

The GATES game is compatible with all devices (desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, etc.) and is available for mobile OS (Android and iOS), as well as Microsoft Windows. Additionally, there is the ability for a synchronized mode, both for online and offline modes.

To play the GATES game click here.


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