Category Thematic Network
Keywords Control, integrated pest management, pest, production, thematic network, vegetables
Suitable for Agricultural consultants, farmers, researchers, smes

General Information

SmartProtect Platform is a tool developed under SmartProtect project, an H2020 Research Programme (Grant Agreement 862563). The platform’s objective is to compile IPM solutions for vegetable production that are ready for practice on:

  • application techniques such as sprayers, spraying drones, UV-systems, distribution systems for beneficials
  • decision support techniques
  • diagnostics and detections techniques such as ELISA, RNA, and DNA methods, and mobile disorder detection
  • monitoring techniques for crops and insects

Users can freely access information about innovative IPM technologies and methodologies, best practices and practical tools for the implementation of IPM in their daily practice in crops in open field and greenhouses.

The SmartProtect platform is designed as an interactive tool, where users can also suggest IPM solutions to be incorporated and uploaded on the platform, while the platform is available in 12 different languages (Dutch, French, German, Estonian, Slovenian, Portuguese, Czech, Spanish, Latvian, Greek and Hungarian).


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