Category Online Platform
Keywords 24 hour history, humidity, precipitation, rainfall, temperature, weather forecast, weather monitoring, wind speed
Suitable for Amateur meteorologists, farmers, public authorities, research and educational institutions
Website temperature.gr

General Information

Temperature.gr is a new website created by AGENSO where information from selected installed meteorological stations is displayed in a presentable and intelligible way. These meteorological stations are part of the integrated systems manufactured by our company (e.g. ardeusi.gr).

The information that the user can see, includes data such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, etc. For each of them, both the current measurement and the 24-hour history are presented in the form of graphs.

This website is for researchers, professionals and people taking interest in weather forecasting.

Currently, there is information from 11 stations in Greece and 5 abroad (Spain, France, Norway, Italy), while the list of available stations is constantly enriched.


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