ESPA 2014-2020
Grant agreement no. T1ΕΔΚ-05249
Innovative system for Efficient Spraying applications

In General

EffiSpray aim is to develop a low-cost system, in order to help farmers optimize the application of Plant Protection Products (PPP) while reducing Spray drift in orchards and vineyards. EffiSpray, will allow rational spraying, taking into account all the important parameters that effect on spraying applications such as growing stage, spraying drift, air temperature and humidity, sprayer settings, spray dose and speed as well as nozzle type. One of the most important reasons for PPPs waste is the frequent implementation of inefficient spraying by producers, but also the failed spraying applications due to incorrect spray settings and/or spraying in adverse weather conditions. EffiSpray takes into consideration these parameters and is creating a multi-task system that will provide accuracy and efficiency on spray applications. It promises a significant reduction of wasted PPP products up to 50%, increase of the production but also energy savings up to 30%.

More Information

Spray drift is one of the main problems at spraying applications that leads to great PPP loss and reduces the uniformity of distribution. This problem can be solved by avoiding spray applications on inappropriate weather conditions like windy and rainy days in combination with a system that can manage spraying dose. With EffiSpray, the user will have the capability to use Variable Rate Spraying system for orchards and vineyards, applicable at all mist blowers that will calculate the optimal spraying dose for every application.
In order to provide accurate conditions for spraying, EffiSpray will have a user friendly Android platform were the user will get predictions and advices for the upcoming weather conditions. Then the system will inform the user for the “spaying friendly” days. Before application EffiSpray will provide the user, with a dose calculator for the preparation of the spraying liquid. During the application the VRA will be achieved by using an Android application, which will act as an information board for the operator of the tractor, in terms of the proposed real-time speed. All spraying procedures and conditions will be recorded in the system database and will be accessible to the farmer in the form of historical records and results analysis.

AGENSO Contribution

AGENSO is responsible for all the tasks of the project, as AGENSO is the only participant in this project.

EffiSpray Basics

Agile Product Development
EffiSpray product is based on the needs of stakeholders that are actively engaged with the development of the project.
Software Development
To inform the users about the ideal time for spraying, based on innovative weather data processing available through a web application and an application for Android devices.
Hardware Development
The variable rate control system will control the pressure at the time of application fluctuating the dose depending on the needs and calculating the required dose.
Environmental and Socio-economic impact
With EffiSpray there will be a significant reduction of the wasted PPP products, and energy consumption without reducing the production.

Project Funding

  • Starting date : 08/05/2018
  • Duration : 36 Months
  • Status : Running
  • AGENSO participation type: Coordinator
Estimated Cost: €193,000.00 100%
National Contribution: €154,400.00 80%
  • Co‐financed by the European Union and Greek national funds through the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, under the call RESEARCH – CREATE - INNOVATE (project code: T1ΕΔΚ-05249)
%< Pesticide Savings
% Energy Savings
% Reduction on PPPs usage
% Increased Production

EffiSpray Main Tasks

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