ESPA 2014-2020
Grant agreement no. T1ΕΔΚ-05243
Innovative system for Efficient Tillage applications

In General

EFFiTiLL aim is to develop an integrated trading low-cost system to optimize the efficiency of soil treatment operations and reduce the fuel consumption. More specifically, EFFiTiLL will provide the applicator with real-time information about inefficient tillage operation in order to prevent damage and improve the quality of the work while proposing appropriate operating parameters to reduce fuel consumption. Also EFFiTiLL will develop a software that will make the control of the operations easier.
Farmers are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs, and tillage is one of the most costly operations in terms of fuel usage. EFFiTiLL promises to meet the basic needs of farmers such as reducing energy consumption by up to 50%, by minimize CO₂ footprint up to 30%, increasing competitiveness and giving access to small farms in smart farming solutions.

More Information

The rapid increase of fuel prices, as well as production costs lead farmers to look for ways to reduce costs. Soil treatment operations are the highest fuel consumption operations, often exceeding 50% of total fuel consumption. This in combination with the social need of environmental friendly agriculture, makes farmers to look for ways to reduce fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions. In addition, high yields of crops are related to the quality of soil treatment, which provides the environment for seed germination and the development of the root system.

EFFiTiLL will develop an innovative, complete and ready for the market system that will contain already existing but optimized methods, of data collection, software and sensors based on the market needs. The innovation of EFFiTiLL, is that it will use the GUTD (Gear-Up Throttle-Down) methodology combined with the analysis of all working forces (pulling force, vertical and lateral force) during the treatment to achieve fuel reduction up to 50%. It will be applicable also at older tractors that do not have electrical equipment. The mobile software will be used as an Operator Control Unit (OCU) to act as an operator's cabin information board.

AGENSO Contribution

AGENSO is responsible for all the tasks of the project, as AGENSO is the only participant in this project.

EFFiTiLL Basics

Software Development
The mobile application, available for Android and iOS will work as a task manager in the tractor for a real-time information of the operator.
Hardware Optimization
The already existing methodologies and equipment will be optimized and used in order to provide accurate information about tillage procedure.
Environmental and Socio-economic impact
With EFFiTiLL there will be a significant impact on the reduction of CO₂ footprint and energy consumption.
End-users needs
Active participation of all related farmers to ensure that the project will cover their needs.

Project Funding

  • Starting date : 08/05/2018
  • Duration : 36 Months
  • Status : Running
  • AGENSO participation type: Coordinator
Estimated Cost: €196,000.00 100%
National Contribution: €156,800.00 80%
  • Co‐financed by the European Union and Greek national funds through the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, under the call RESEARCH – CREATE - INNOVATE (project code: T1ΕΔΚ-05243)
% Reduction on fuel consumption
% Decrease of CO₂ footprint
€ Annual Savings for the average producer
Power Cells on the 3D Dynamometer

EFFiTiLL Main Tasks

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