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intelligent Robotic high-precision Treatment Application in rough terrain vineyards
Dionysus Robot

In General

iRTA aims to build a smart spraying apparatus tailored to the intricacies of treatment application in rough and steep slope terrains and on cultivations of high variability between plants, as is the grape. To achieve this, iRTA will combine state-of-the-art technologies with features that fully adhere to the requirements of the usage setting and integrate them into a flexible robotic platform. Namely, iRTA will augment the robotic platform with sophisticated software for autonomous localisation, navigation and obstacle avoidance, in order to enhance its traversability and ensure its safe operation in rough environments. The platform will be equipped with a high-precision, low-drift spraying component, further improved by the incorporation of advanced Artificial Intelligence models for optimising treatment usage. The base platform itself will undergo improvements for increasing its efficiency and operational capacity. The produced integrated platform will be tested in both simulated and on-ground settings, to ensure that it meets the requirements posed by the tackled challenge.

More Information

iRTA will combine cutting-edge robotic technologies, such as the capability of autonomous navigation in the vineyard, flexibility for avoidance of obstacles, high precision spraying technologies and on-board artificial intelligence component for the treatment of individual and/or specific parts of the vineyards according to their needs. The proposed iRTA platform takes into account all the features generally expected from a real-life operational system to be efficient and effective. Thus, it incorporates machinery and software that enables safe and resource-preserving navigation, as well as, customisable, targeted treatment application at fine granularity. Also iRTA will develop an autonomous situational awareness, localization, and navigation system, allowing the robot to plan and implement an optimal path and to safely operate in the presence of human workers, livestock, and wildlife. The robot ecosystem of robotics software components includes mature, production-grade navigation components that have been successfully deployed in many environments and applications. The introduction and widespread adoption of robotic solutions like iRTA will profoundly improve the management of agricultural processes and pave the way for the development of sustainable, high-intensity crop production systems. As an advanced robotic platform for effective treatment application in the field, iRTA empowers farmers with a robust technological solution, helping them to deliver safe, high-quality food while minimizing the impact on natural resources (by reducing chemical contamination of natural resources and minimizing soil compaction in agricultural land), mitigating climate change (by reducing fossil fuel consumption) and contributing to public health (by minimizing pesticide residues and by promoting safe working conditions for farmers). In parallel with technological advancements, the project will ensure that the iRTA solution has the appropriate visibility in relevant stakeholder communities and raise awareness for the product in carefully targeted markets. It will thus form the foundation for a successful commercialisation and lay out the plan for the sustainability of the platform after the end of the project.

AGENSO Contribution

AGENSO is leader at five tasks related to the iRTA architectural design & integration plan, the development of the platform, the dissemination of the project and the commercialisation, business plan and publicity activities. Except from these, AGENSO contributes also at all the other tasks.

iRTA Basics

Flexible and modular robotic platform
able to move efficiently into the harsh agricultural environment
Autonomous localization, navigation and obstacle avoidance system
allowing the robot to plan and implement an optimal path and to safely operate in the presence of human workers
On-board artificial intelligence component
analysing plant images in real-time as the robot traverses the field and decides on the application of treatment for individual plants and/or specific parts of them
High precision spraying
high-end spraying system, able to apply pesticides in an accurate and efficient way

Project Funding

  • Starting date : 01/05/2020
  • Duration : 18 Months
  • Status : Running
  • AGENSO participation type: Coordinator
Estimated Cost: €200,000.00 100%
EU Contribution: €200,000.00 100%
AGENSO grant amount: €55,000.00 27%
  • This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 780265
Innovative robotic platform
% pesticide savings
Autonomous components
% yield increase

AGENSO Main Contribution

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