«Ypaithros Chora» newspaper for the project CIRC4FooD

The newspaper «Ypaithros Chora», in its article regarding CIRC4FooD project, referred to the pilot facilities that started to be implemented in schools and homes in the Municipality of Trikala. The aim of the project is the development of agri-food systems inspired by circular economy, which combine composting and rainwater harvesting for irrigation of urban vegetable gardens.

The IoT technologies used in all CIRC4FooD systems, serve the users at the level of information about the state of the system components but also as a decision support tool in the context of the circular economy.

CIRC4FooD is a project within the program "RESEARCH-CREATE-INNOVATE 2nd CYCLE" and the implementation of its pilot facilities in the Municipality of Trikala began in March 2022.

You can find the article at the following link:


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