GATES project second beta version is online

The 2nd version of the Minimum Viable Game (MVG2) of GATES project, for training agricultural professionals in Smart Farming Technologies (SFTs) is online! MVG2 is an updated version of MVG1, with improved algorithms and more appealing interface to the users. The new version includes among others:

  1. Updated GUI: Reduction of the number of clicks around between different sub screens. The most important aspects of the game are visible in the main screen (e.g. yield, product quality, nutrition etc.).
  2. Improved Algorithms
  3. Improved Scenario Creation Module
  4. Inclusion of Additional agricultural operations: Tillage and Fertilization
  5. Updated in-game calendar
  6. Imroved operation management
  7. Inclusion of real weather data from 5 countries: Greece, Spain, Germany, Serbia and France
  8. Mobile devices support: The new GUI was developed in such a way in order the game to be easily playable for any type of device including mobile devices.
  9. Tag system and modifiable scenario description

Let us know your comments in order to improve GATES version.

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