OPTIMA project

OPTIMA project meeting

A bilateral technical meeting of OPTIMA Η2020 Project, was held today at AGENSO premises, between Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) and AGENSO. Main objective of the meeting was to set up the specifications for enabling the connectivity of the OPTIMA Decision Support System and the Spraying Controller.

OPTIMA – Optimised Pest Integrated Management will develop an environmentally friendly IPM framework for vineyards, apple orchards and carrots by providing a holistic integrated approach which includes all critical aspects related to integrated disease management, such as i) novel bio-PPPs use, ii) disease prediction models, iii) spectral early disease detection systems and iv) precision spraying techniques. It will contribute significantly to the reduction of the European agriculture reliance on chemical PPPs resulting in reduced use of agrochemicals, lower residues and reduced impacts on human health.

AGENSO is involved on 4 Work Packages of the project and specifically:

  • Work Package 2: AGENSO leads the development of the Decision Support System
  • Work Package 4: AGENSO assists AUA in the preparation of the communication between the disease detection system with the variable rate application controller on the smart sprayers
  • Work Package 5: AGENSO participates on WP5 for the evaluation of the correct operation of the DSS and the new smart sprayers
  • Work Package 7: AGENSO also works for the dissemination of OPTIMA results at national and international level through its contacts.



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