New version of GATES game is online!

The 3rd version of the Minimum Viable Game (MVG3) of GATES project, for training agricultural professionals in Smart Farming Technologies (SFTs) is online! It is based on MVG2 and the feedback of two validated learning processes.

You can play it at: and share your comments with us on:, for developing the final version of the game!

Compared to MVG2 the new version is more stable, the connectivity between the game and the backend has been established and new features have been developed. Some of the new functionalities of MVG3 are:

  1. GATES main story module: Within “Main Story” button the user is able to see 8 different scenarios. Each scenario has its own goal and explains different aspects of the game.
  2. Farming Module: Some of the improvements are the environmental measurements given by SFTs and are visible from the users, the extended forecast predictions (up to 5 days), the statistical/economical module, the addition of spraying operation and the cultivars orchards and vineyards.
  3. Scenario Creator: By clicking on “My Scenarios” button, GATES users can modify the starting parameters, the conditions that have to be met in order the scenario to be successfully completed, as well as to create a Real Time Scenario, where real weather data and real weather forecast data can be selected by country.
  4. 3D Showcase: Another new addition of MVG3 is the 3D showcase, where the players can see the 3D models and the descriptions of various SFTs.
  5. SFT Training module: The goal of this module is to make the players familiar with the Variable Rate Technologies and the usage of drones for retrieving crop status.
  6. Save/Load Functionality: Using this functionality the user can save his/her progress at the game, and to start the game from the point he had left.
  7. Dashboard: The purpose of this extra module is to provide the players with a central management from which users can register to the game, see their account details, manage their scenarios, retrieve scenario details and make the selected scenarios public.
  8. Library: The first version of GATES Library is up and running and accessible by anyone at Through it, the players gain access to several articles regarding SFTs, which are served in the form of a page structured with text, images and audio/visual material.



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