AGENSO participating at the Challenge nº 6: Smart Agriculture for the S+T+ARTS initiative

S+T+ARTS (Science, Technology & the Arts) is an initiative of the European Commission, launched under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The initiative’s objective is to create and support collaborations between artists, researchers, scientists and engineers, in order for creative, inclusive, and sustainable technologies to be developed.

12 Regional S+T+ARTS Centers from 11 different countries have come together to communicate the input that technological advancement gives regarding present social, economic and environmental challenges in a European level. A Group of local experts from each regional center works on one or more of the 21 challenges that S+T+ARTS addresses based on the EU Green Deal, the New European Bauhaus, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the idea of “think globally, act locally”.

In Challenge nº 6: Smart Agriculture, the goal is to empower rural areas in order for them to act as role models of sustainability and prosperity through the use of technology. Currently, there is an open call for artists who can produce compelling artwork combining technology, science and art and which will present the shift towards the use of technology in agriculture and the urgency for this shift in order for us to reach a sustainable future in agriculture.

In Challenge nº 6, where Onassis Stegi is the consortium partner and AGENSO is the fellowship partner, artists will have the chance to access the local partners’ venues, expertise and technologies upon need and request. The established Local Expert Group, consists of high-level experts, and will support the artist by offering access to a useful network (IoT, computer engineering, agronomists, science, public authorities, arts, other stakeholders).

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