HYDROUSA construction activities

HYDRO3 at Mykonos island (Ano Mera) construction activities with HYDROUSA project are underway! This demo site is consisted of a subsurface rainwater collection and storage system developed in an agricultural area. Rainwater is then used to irrigate an oregano field which is then valorised to produce essential oils.

During the technical visits in Mykonos in 2018, DELAROS team took soil samples from two areas (Skafes-Lia and Ampelokipi-Ano Mera) to analyse its physicochemical characteristics, the hydraulic properties and the mechanical compositiοn for finding the appropriate demonstration sites for HYDRO 3 and 4. Comparing and evaluating these data, Ano Mera was selected as the HYDRO3 site. Meteorological data as well as topographical studies and on site evaluations were used to complete the HYDRO 3 system design.

In the core of “circular thinking” are the use of local materials and the application of traditional construction techniques. Thus, the dry-stone wall in the field was restored and rebuilt in some parts.

The construction started in September 2019, after the final design of the entire system in June 2019. It will be completed soon and HYDRO3 will be ready to collect the water during rainfall season of this winter.

AGENSO is involved at 6 out of the 10 Work Packages of the project, and is leading Work Package 5 “Monitoring of the demonstration sites and ICT integration”. AGENSO has installed on June 2019 a weather station that has rain gauge, temperature and relative humidity sensors, wind speed and direction, solar panel and data logger. On our visit at 27 September 2019, there was held an investigation for the systems installation and the operation of the weather station and the entire construction. AGENSO staff has an extensive experience in developing water management and precision agriculture solutions, and the support of decision making through multi-platform application for a more robust farm and water management in a sustainable and environmental friendly way. Among others, AGENSO has developed solutions for automated irrigation management and a holistic Farm Management Information System (FMIS).



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