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Launch of the “AgroFossilFree” project: Strategies and technologies to achieve a European Fossil-energy-free agriculture

The AgroFossilFree project, a 3-year collaborative Coordination and Support Action (CSA) funded with 2 million € by the EU in the frame of the Horizon 2020 programme, will evaluate the current status in EU agriculture regarding energy use and assess existing needs, allowing farmers to optimize agricultural production through more efficient energy use and reduced GHG emissions, resulting in economic, agronomic and environmental benefits. It will specifically create an AgEnergy Platform containing all available FEFTS and a Decision Support Toolkit to propose interventions and financing tools based on user inputs. The project will also create policy recommendations and communicate them to increase visibility and promote the proposed strategies and technologies. Financing opportunities for de-fossilizing EU agriculture will also be investigated and highlighted.

AgroFossilFree is based on a “Multi Actor Approach”, including in the consortium not only scientists and researchers but also extension service providers, farmers’ organizations and industrial partners from 8 countries (i.e. innovation “hubs”), which ensures that the end-users of FEFTS innovations are well represented. The diversity of cropping systems and agro-climatic zones covered by the innovation “hubs” will allow exploring the adoption and applicability of a wide range of FEFTS solutions, while capturing a wealth of needs and innovations from end-users across Europe.

You can read more information regarding AgroFossilFree at the following press release.


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