SmartProtect Platform has been officially launched!

Our brand-new Platform is now available.

SmartProtect Platform is a freely accessible repository of innovative IPM solutions for vegetable cultivations, and is now officially launched.

Application techniques, Decision Support Systems, Diagnostics and Detection techniques, as well as monitoring techniques are available to all interested parties. The Platform aims to facilitate the application of pest management practices. Producers, stakeholders, advisors and many others can find specific smart technologies by navigating the Platform or using keywords for a more precise search. Additionally, filters provide users with the ability to customize their search.

The Platform has been fully translated and is available in 12 different languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Estonian, Slovenian, Portuguese, Czech, Spanish, Latvian, Greek, and Hungarian.

As of today, more than 220 smart solutions and technologies are registered, while the Platform’s content is constantly increasing. Furthermore, all interested parties can suggest additional innovations to the platform. All they have to do is just register, select “My solutions” and “Add new solution”.

Become part of SmartProtect community, discover the Platform and be a part of SmartProtect network!

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