SmartProtect at the Greek press

European Horizon 2020 project SmartProtect was presented by AGENSO’s CEO Zisis Tsiropoulos at the Greek newspaper Ypaithros Chora.

Zisis Tsiropoulos described the objective of the project saying that SmartProtect is a Thematic Network that focuses on knowledge exchange for the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in vegetable crops.” He mentioned that main aim is the distribution of IPM knowledge around Europe, the integration of precision agriculture technologies and data analysis.

He underlined that “through the Thematic Network the needs of the farmers will be identified and will suggest methodologies that would be applied on the daily practices at open field and greenhouse crops.” Among the upcoming results are:

  • the maintenance of knowledge and of the practices for a long term,
  • the increase of practical information and innovation flow among farmers,
  • the achievement of greater acceptance of the collected solutions by users,
  • intensifying the dissemination of existing knowledge and
  • the reduction of pesticides use in order to contribute at the environmental safety

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