The systems in a TV show

The systems of designed and developed by AGENSO, were one of the focal points during a conversation that took place during the "The Art of Street" show in ERT3 (public broadcasting company).

More specifically, in the March 12th 2021 episode that was also dedicated in the city of Trikala, there was a mention for the systems that are installed in the island.

You can see the conversation in the video below (beware as it's in Greek)!

The system, is an integrated tool in the hands of a producer. It is a tool for facilitating irrigation and making it more precise. The ideal amount of irrigation is calculated by the web application, based on the needs of the crops, while the sensors attached to the system indicate the parameters of irrigation in real time, giving a credible solution to the irrigation problems.

Source: The Art Street | Trikala (, 12/3/2021)

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