AGENSO presented EffiSpray tool at the B2B event of IRSUS

EffiSpray, the tool for efficient spraying, developed and implemented by AGENSO was presented by AGENSO’s CEO Mr. Zisis Tsiropoulos at the IRSUS (Innovation Radar Support Service) B2B event in Budapest. The event was held in collaboration with Tőkeportál the Pitching and Networking with 6 companies presenting their pitch and 30 attendees from European companies and private investors.

The day started with a training for the innovators who were involved in various forms of presentation skill developing games and helping to get to know each other better. The session started with Dr. Gábor Vicze’s welcome speech who introduced the project to the guests and summarized the preparation process in which the chosen companies participated. After that, Mr. Zisis Tsiropoulos presented the innovative tool EffiSpray and explained why this tool is so unique. He analysed the way that it works and how it can be beneficiary for farmers, while is a no-cost tool available for everyone.

IRSUS Innovative Radar is an online tool by the European Commission, assessing the maturity of start-ups and identifying the high potential ones. It offers a range of free support services to start-ups bringing them to the next level. IRSUS bridges the gaps that the start-ups face to reach the market with a feasible, viable and attractive business case and strategy for users, clients, partners, and investors. IRSUS supports start-ups through the road to market. Close to 200 promising start-ups already funded by the European Commission will directly benefit from IRSUS support services, to successfully drive their way to markets and to reach commercial exploitation.

AGENSO is part of IRSUS Innovative Radar since April 2019.



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